The History

Colorificio Veneziano was born from the idea of Massimo Toniolo, the sole partner, to revolutionize what his father and mother had passed down to him, developing a dynamic and strong reality thanks to the synergy of a trusted and productive staff. Today, it has become a reference not only locally but also present in the markets of several countries around the world, establishing itself with prestigious products known for their design finishes. The unique colors and suggestive effects that characterize our products draw inspiration from the timeless beauty of the Venetian Lagoon and its historical buildings. Colorificio Veneziano is proud to safeguard a cultural heritage and share it with the rest of the world. As a bridge between ancient traditions and the present, we are grateful for our Venetian roots, which nourish us with inspiration and guide us in our mission to preserve and transmit the art of wall decoration. Colorificio Veneziano stands out as a bearer of tradition and passion, dedicated to writing its own history with constant dedication and commitment.


Our Company Mission

The Connection with the Territory