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Racemp r2

Renovation Line

Technic leveling with high mechanic characteristics for the protection, renovation and finishing of reinforced concrete elements. Thixotropic and modified polymer product with high adherence to smooth or scarcely absorbent supports, it is also very resistant to atmospheric agents.

Racemp r2 is a cement modified polymer leveling formed of specific ARS binders (high resistance to solphates), micro silicates with pozzolanic behavior for the protection, renovation and finishing of reinforced concrete elements or cement foundation plasters. The high presence of polymeric resins and special silossanic components make the leveling very adherent also on smooth or scarcely absorbent supports. It resists to atmospheric agents and it has a low water absorption rate. Micro crystal sands with spheroidal structure and special marble powders make the product very workable during the laying phase bestowing excellent finishing or renovation interventions for reinforced cement elements.



25 kg paper sacks on flatcars of 1400 kg



It lasts 9 months inside its intact package stocked in dry places.



  • Aspect: gray pre-mixed powder
  • Use: protection, renovation and finishing of reinforced cement elements.
  • Application environment: indoor/outdoor
  • Foundations: concrete elements, cement foundation plasters
  • Mixture Realization: plasterer machine, blending drill
  • Application ways: plasterer machine, smooth steel spatula with 2 hands crossing one another, complete with a sponge trowel
  • Minimum depth: 1 mm
  • Maximum depth per layer: 2 mm
  • Maximum depth of final result: 5 mm
  • Laying conditions: from +5 °C to +35 °C
  • Consumption: 1.7 kg/m2 each mm of depth


Technical Data

  • Pre mixed powder:
    • granulometry: 0 – 0.6 mm
    • Volume mass of the powder: 1182 kg/m3
  • Fresh mortar:
    • Mixture Water: 26%
    • Mixture resting time: 5 minutes
    • Mixture lasting time: 50 minutes
    • Mass volume of fresh mortar: 1.750 kg/m3
  • Harden Mortar:
    • Mass volume of harden mortar: 1.550 kg/m3
    • Average resistance to flexure after 28 days: ≥ 4.00 N/mm2
    • Average resistance to compression after 28 days: ≥ 10.50 N/mm2
    • Average resistance to adherence after 28 days on “fu“: ≥ 1.00 N/mm2 – A
    • Absorbency water coefficient by capillarity “Cm“: ≤ 0.60 kg/(m2 min1/2)
    • Average Value of resistance factor to diffusion “μ”: ≥ 30
    • Fire Reaction: Class A1



  • Maturation Time of foundation plaster: > 72 hours
  • Colored coatings and painting lay-up: 28 days
  • Suitable leveling:
    • outdoor-indoor: RASOCAP, Guainaflex, RACEMP rl.4, RACEMP r0.1
    • indoor: RASOGES rg9
  • Tints
    • outdoor: Lavedil SQ; Lavelast; Siloxan pittura
    • indoor: White Fast, New, New Super
  • Quality finishing:
    • Outdoor: Frattazzato, Siloxan INTO
    • Indoor: Marmorino

The protection, renovation and finishing of reinforced concrete elements and the leveling and protection of cement plasters can be done with modified polymer cement leveling and with specific inerts (bigger size 0.5 mm to mix with only clean water like Racemp r2). The foundation must be clean, dry, seasoned and compact. Any cement spot must be removed from the concrete surface. The leveling product will be applied with 2 hands crossing one another by a smooth steel spatula with depth not lower than 1.0 mm and not higher than 2.0 mm. Thicker layers can be done after 48 hours (avoid to exceed 5 mm in total). The second leveling layer will be finished by a sponge trowel.



  • Do not apply over bituminous sheath or wood, plastic, metal, chalk foundations.
  • Wet surfaces before applying on old plasters which are absorbent and remove water spots left over.
  • Only apply on clean, resistant and compact supports.
  • Previously apply primer latex on smooth or scarcely absorbent supports and lay the plaster with “fresco su fresco” technique.
  • Any hole or bumping of the underneath plaster must be removed 24 hours before the intervention through one first leveling.
  • Connect structural elements (beams and pillars) by applying a proper metallic net.
  • Protect the laid up product from rain, freeze and thermal shocks caused by wind or sun for 48 hours. Temperatures lower than +5 °C and higher than +35 °C during the 24 hours that follow the lay up, may modify the hardening times and damage final mechanical performances.
  • In hot and windy weather, after 24 hours from the lay-up, wet the surface twice a day for 2-3 days.
  • If you need to glue ceramic or stone coatings, before the lay-up, check the mechanic compatibility of the plaster with the coatings mentioned above.
  • The product is ready to use, do not add any binder or inert that would damage the technical characteristics of the material.

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