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Macropor Intonaco is a natural mortar formed of specific ARS binders (high resistance solphates), micro silicates with pozzolanic behavior, high reactivity and light inerts with porous structure. This product is used to make renovation works on buildings affected by deterioration caused by humidity and rising capillarity. Excellent mechanic and chemical compatibility with stone or brick walls, high porosity, high water vapor permeability, low elasticity, low reactivity to the breaking action of salts contained in walls. Technical fiber-reinforced mortar, with high durability to intercept and spread the humidity contained in walls to the extern. It allows an excellent renovation intervention. Macro porous dehumidifying plaster, for renovation works on indoor and outdoor stone or brick walls presenting humidity capillary rising. Its special mixture makes Macropor Intonaco pasty, light, workable and with low hydraulic shrinkage. It is used for any kind of renovation intervention on buildings where you need a healthy perspirable plaster with high fungicide and antibacterial characteristics. It modifies the living perception inside the rooms, removes vapor condensation on walls, improves walls acoustic absorption, reduces thermal dispersion, controls humidity in indoor places and thanks to its slow and continuous carbonation process, stops molds and bacteria from sprouting.



30 kg paper sacks on flatcars of 1,200 kg



It lasts 9 months inside its intact package stocked in dry places.



  • Aspect: gray pre-mixed powder
  • Use: dehumidified macro porous plaster
  • Application environment: indoor/outdoor
  • Suitable supports: stone walls, brick walls, lime or cement mortars and plasters
  • Mixture Realization: plasterer machine, concrete mixer, blending drill
  • Application ways: with plasterer machine or manually
  • Minimum depth: 30 mm
  • Maximum depth per layer: 20 mm
  • Maximum depth of final result: 60 mm
  • Laying conditions: from +5 °C to +35 °C
  • Consumption: 10 kg/m2 each cm of depth


Laying cycle to renovate humid walls

  1. Macropor-S: anti-salt liquid solution for treating and preparing humid walls before applying the renovation cycle. Apply Macropor Intonaco within 1 hour from the anti-salt liquid lay-up.
  2. Macropor Intonaco: apply manually or mechanically one first layer leveling the foundation until 2 cm maximum and spreading the mortar from the bottom to the with by a toothed spatula in order to leave the surface coarse. This grants the following plaster adherence.
    Wait 48 hours until the mortar gets hard. If you want a thicker depth (more than 2 cm) apply more layers waiting at least 24 hours. To obtain the right renovating effect apply a layer not lower than 3 cm.
  3. Fior di calce rasatura: apply with two hands and with a smooth steel spatula making cross movements. Then finish it with sponge or wood trowel.
  4. Tint: only use inorganic products highly permeable to water vapor (see the suggested finishing paragraph).


Technical Data

  • Pre mixed powder:
    • Granulometry: 0 – 2.5 mm
    • Volume mass of the powder: 1100 kg/m3
  • Fresh mortar:
    • Water: 23%
    • Mixture resting time: 0 minutes
    • Mixture lasting time: 30 minutes
    • Mass volume of fresh mortar: 1450 kg/m3
  • Harden Mortar:
    • Mass volume of harden and dry mortar: 1150 kg/m3
    • Average resistance to flexure after 28 days: = 1.70 N/mm2
    • Average resistance to compression after 28 days: = 4.50 N/mm2
    • Average resistance to adherence after 28 days on “fu“: ≥ 0.25 N/mm2 – A
    • Absorbency water coefficient by capillarity “Cm“: ≤ 0.3 kg/(m2 min1/2)
    • Thermal Conductivity “λ”: <= 0.40 W/m K
    • Average Value of resistance factor to diffusion “μ”: = 15
    • Fire Reaction: Class A1



  • Maturation Time of foundation plaster: > 72 hours
  • Colored coatings and painting lay-up: 28 days
  • Suitable leveling: indoor, rasoges rg9
  • Tints
    • outdoor: Lavedil SQ; Lavelast; Silicat Pittura; Siloxan pittura
    • indoor: Pittura a Calce; SUPER; White Fast; New Traspirante; New Super


Following process

  • Waiting time for the application of following layers 24-48 hours
  • Waiting time for the lay-up of fior di calce rasatura 7 days
  • Waiting time for the lay-up of colored finishing or paintings 28 days


Suggested finishing

  • outdor
    • fior di calce rasatura + pittura a calce
  • indoor
    • fior di calce rasatura + pittura a calce
    • fior di calce rasatura + silicat pittura
    • intonachino a calce colorato
    • silicat intonaco colorato

To renovate humid walls, lay-up the micro porous plaster at high water vapor permeability, formed of micro silicates like Macropor Intonaco by Colorificio Veneziano. Apply the mortar with maximum depth for each layer non exceeding 2 cm. Before the application, clean the support from dirt and dust in order to improve the mortar adherence. Wash the part if needed and remove any water left. Treat the support with proper anti salt liquid solution like Macropor Intonaco. Before the plaster lay-up, make a strengthening filled up of the support. Then organize proper guide bands at the right distance from the wall to create a regular laying height. The result foreseen for the plaster is 10 Kg/m3 per depth cm. Complete the finishing plaster through the lay up if specific leveling formed of natural hydraulic mortar highly waterproof like FIOR DI CALCE RASATURA by Colorificio Veneziano.
The coloring can be done with grassello di calce or potassium silicate.



We apply to our product the dispositions foreseen from the directive 1999/45/CE (articles 10 and 14 of the attachment V).


The reported data refer to laboratory tests: during practical applications in building sites these can be slightly modified according to the conditions of any installation.
The person who works with the product must verify the expected suitability of use of the product, taking upon himself.
The company Colorificio Veneziano s.r.l. may carry out technical alterations on products without notice.
May 2009 Edition.

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