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Isoedil Acrilico

Primers Line

Technical Data

  • Composition: high percentage of acrylic resins, thickeners, plasticizers and fermentation inhibitors properly measured.
  • Specific weight: 1,020 ± 0,010 kg/lt
  • Viscosity: 10″ (COPPA FORD n° 4° +21 °C)
  • Solids by volume: 22%
  • Flash Point: non-flammable
  • Features: high support penetration.
  • Main uses: pigmented base to obtain a smoother absorption. Used to prepare and insulate new plasters; thanks to its capacity to form a film membrane, this product is excellent for insulating chalk or thin mortar supports.
  • Resistance features: alkali resistant in rural, industrial, city and marine environment.
  • Dilution: 1-5 liters of water each liter of ”Isoedil-A”, according to the support.
  • Application: brush, roll, air spray painting.
  • Number of layers: one.
  • Result: 10/30 m2/lt.
  • Drying-up: 30′ to the touch (with +25 °C E 65% relative humidity) repaintable after 6 hours.
  • Solids: t.p. 24% +/- 2.
  • Colors: see colors folder.
  • Standard packaging: 20 lt, 10 lt, 5 lt.


The reported data refer to laboratory tests: during practical applications in building sites these can be slightly modified according to the conditions of any installation.
The person who works with the product must verify the expected suitability of use of the product, taking upon himself.
The company Colorificio Veneziano s.r.l. may carry out technical alterations on products without notice.

July 2008 Edition.

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