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Fissativo Silikat

Primers Line

Fissativo Silikat is a mineral base product formed of potassium silicate and special binders suitable with any lime-cement plaster.

It allows the support absorption and grants the finishing perfect adherence, especially on chalking plasters without decreasing the wall breathability.



  • Specific weight: 1.005 kg/l
  • consumption: 150-200 g/m2
  • result: da 7 a 9 m2/l



Fissativo Silikat is used as insulating material, fixative or base stabilizer before the painting or paste coating application of the Silicate Line.


Wall support Preparation

The surface always needs to be dry, seasoned, clean and not previously treated. In case of chalking plasters, we suggest to apply more layers of product with the “fresco a fresco” technique.



Dilute the 50% of the product with water.
Apply with brush or wool roll.
The application of paintings and coatings of the Silicate Line needs to be done at least 24 hours after the treatment.



For the application of the products of the Silicate Line, the lowest temperature is +5 °C and the highest +30 °C, while the relative humidity must not exceed 75% otherwise the chemical reaction for the production of calcium silicate with the plaster is precluded. The consequence is the material detachment or the rising of stains.
We suggest not to apply the product on old synthetic painting layers but always on seasoned and dry plasters in order to aid the siliconization mechanism.



Avoid freeze.
Preserve with temperatures higher than +5 °C and lower than +30 °C.


The reported data refer to laboratory tests: during practical applications in building sites these can be slightly modified according to the conditions of any installation.
The person who works with the product must verify the expected suitability of use of the product, taking upon himself.
The company Colorificio Veneziano s.r.l. may carry out technical alterations on products without notice.
July 2008 Edition.

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