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Marmorino Pasta 04K

It is a product composed of particular marble powders, of different grain sizes, lime putty and other special additives to facilitate anchoring on any type of support.

The characteristics of the MARMORINO 04K are manifold. In addition to a high ease of application and workability due to its elasticity and plasticity, it allows infinite types of finishes dictated by the skill of the applicator.

Technical data

  • Specific weight: 1.750 kg / l
  • Particle size: 0.4 mm
  • Consumption: approximately 1.6-1.9 kg/m2 finished

MARMORINO PASTA 04K is a highly breathable mineral finish for interiors and exteriors specifically designed to obtain a satin finish.

Technical data

  • Water vapor diffusion: 745 g/m2 in approximately 24 hours
  • Steam diffusion resistance factor: µ = 150 approximately
  • Equivalent air layer: Sd = µ • s = 0.03 m approx (calculated with s = 0.2 • 10-3 m)
  • Water absorption coefficient: w = 0.25 kg / (m2 • h ½) approx. – Sd • w = 0.0075 kg / (m • h ½) approximately
  • Respect Kuenzle’s theory.


MARMORINO 04K can be applied with traditional techniques or through the application of tools such as: striped rug, net, stencil, etc.


Mix the pasta well with the aid of a mixer drill, avoiding adding water. If it is necessary to color the paste, use iron oxides to prepare or consult the writer.

Base preparation and application cycle


  • Avoid application at temperatures below +5 °C and with relative humidity higher than 75%.
  • Avoid application in the coldest periods of the year.
  • The mechanical strength and adhesion of the fine mortar to the base plaster must be checked in advance, before applying MARMORINO PASTA 04K. If these resistances are insufficient there is a risk of detachment of the leveling compound together with the fine mortar of the plaster.
  • Façades coated with MARMORINO PASTA 04K during installation and on the following drying days must be protected from rain and any precipitation; otherwise, whitish spots may appear on the surface due to the incorrect reaction of hardening and carbonation of the material.


  • Bucket: 25 kg.
  • Tints: see color chart.


Not afraid of frost.

The material, if stored in suitable rooms, in its original packaging, has a shelf life of 1 year.


MARMORINO PASTA 04K is subjected to careful and constant control.

The raw materials are rigorously selected and controlled.

The data shown refers to laboratory tests: in practical construction site applications these can be significantly modified according to the conditions of implementation.

The user must in any case verify the suitability of the product for the intended use, assuming all responsibility deriving from its use.

Colorificio Veneziano reserves the right to make technical changes without prior notice.

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