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T Pasta

Insulation Line

It’s an adhesive paste made of synthetic resins, powders and granules of quartz, lamellar fillers and additives, anti mold and algae. The T Pasta should be mixed with concrete T POF 325 in 2:1 ratio.


Technical data

  • Appearance: paste of medium consistency
  • Specific weight: 1.5 kg/l
  • Viscosity: 25000 CPS
  • Drying time: touch dry in 1-2 hours, in depth 12-24 hours, depending on the temperature and absorption of the substrate.
  • Recoat time: minimum 12 hours, variable as above.


Method of Application

It’s an adhesive / leveling high strength and elasticity, suitable to paste and trim a variety of supports, such as polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, cork, eraclit, marble, mosaic, cement, concrete slabs, etc.
Adheres well to wood and iron supports.



Mix with a mixer the T Pasta with a percentage of cement that can vary from 40% to 50%: more cement = harder product, tougher and less elastic, less cement = more elastic and softer product. It should be diluted with water only in the case of the ratio of 50% of cement.
It is applied with a spatula or trowel. Do not make the layers thicker than 2-3 mm per coat, making sure that the first is completely dry before proceeding to the next.



Only Portland cement 325.



  • Apply at temperatures between +5 °C to +30 °C.
  • Avoid application of facades in bright sunlight or strong winds.
  • The mixture of T Pasta and cement paste can be used for about two hours.
  • Do not add water or other materials to extend the working time of the product or to reuse a mixture dried.



Stored in a suitable place in its original box, will keep for about 1 year.



T Pasta undergoes continuous and accurate control. The raw materials are carefully checked and selected.

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