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Net Glass-fiber R131

Insulation Line

Is used in coatings to coat as reinforcement of the layer of mortar in order to absorb and evenly distribute the mechanical stresses to which the system may be subject (settling movements, shrinkage, temperature changes, external agents) and thus avoid the formation of cracks in the facade. Its heavy-weight provides superior technical features.


Available Sizes

  • 1.10 x 50 lm


Terms of delivery

  • 1.815 m2 to bed
  • Packed in cardboard boxes


Colors available

  • Orange-White
  • Riviera



The Net Glass-fiber R131 for the external insulation meets the technical requirements and performance provided by the Guideline ETAG 004, as certified by:

  • technický to zkusebni Ustav stavebni Praha, sp (Tzus) – CZECH REPUBLIC
  • Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) – GERMANY
  • MA 39 – VFA der Stadt Wien (Egolf Member) – AUSTRIA
  • Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTB) – FRANCE

The Net Glass-fiber R131 has also obtained the QUALITY MARK ITC-CNR, as a guarantee of constant quality control and maintenance over time of technical and performance characteristics of the product.


Laying instructions

The reinforcement net glass fiber is completely embedded in the layer of mortar skim coat lying above the insulating panels. One proceeds unrolling the rolls of the network from top to bottom drowning them, with the help of a trowel or a spatula, taking care to overlap by at least 10 cm, avoiding the formation of bubbles or wrinkles.

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