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Expansion plug

Insulation Line

Expansion plugs in polypropylene 8 mm diameter nail with electroplated steel and plastic coated for the reduction of thermal bridges.

Approved according to ETAG 014 for use categories A, B and C.

  • Cat A: Concrete
  • Cat B: Solid brick
  • Cat C: Hollow brick


Technical data

  • Diameter dowel (dnom): 8 mm
  • Head diameter: 60 mm
  • Minimum depth hole (h1): 40 mm
  • Minimum depth of anchoring (hef): 30 mm
  • Approval ETAG014: ETA07-0336, cat. A, cat. B, cat. C
  • Characteristic resistance to traction:
    • Concrete: 1.5 kN
    • Solid brick (DIN 103): 1.5 kN
    • Hollow brick (DIN 105 HLZ): 0.6 kN

For proper installation of the dowel drill the hole perpendicular to the substrate with a tip diameter of 8 mm. The hole must be cleaned from dust before the application of the dowel.
Depending on the characteristics of the building and the insulation panel is recommended to apply 4 to 8 dowels / m2.

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