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Edge protection

Insulation Line

Edge protection that stops the water running while avoiding dragging inside the plaster.

Angular PVC paintable network with fiber glass, R131, heat-sealed. Ideal for lintels of windows, balconies, soffits, shutters dumpsters.

The angle network , production of Vertex Saint Gobain (R131) with a weight of 160 g/m2, treated with alkali resistant primer for concrete and built exclusively with high quality glass fiber: Fiber Glass E.


Available Sizes

  • 100 x 100 x 2,500 mm


Terms of delivery

  • 25 bars of height 2,500 mm
  • Package of 62.5 lm. in cardboard box
  • Pallet of 20 packs


Technical information

  • Network color: white
  • PVC color: white
  • Network fiberglass and Saint Gobain Vertex R131 160 g/m2 ± 5%; mesh 3.5 × 3.8 mm ± 0.5
  • Resistant to alkali
  • Paintable
  • Resistant to UV and ozone
  • Resistant to scroll
  • Do not apply at temperatures and substrate below +5 °C
  • Keep dry, protect from moisture and UV rays. Storage approx. 6 months

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