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Lavelast Siloxane

Elastomeric Line

Lavelast Siloxane is a particular ready-to-use water paint paste based on resins and fillers. The product spreads like a traditional painting, when it is dry to form a continuous film very tenacious and resilient and well clinging to support. The Lavelast Siloxane has a unique degree of elasticity to both high and low temperatures and long-lasting.

It is also waterproof, while retaining a good vapour permeability and is used as a decorative-protective painting in all those cases where you can get cracking and movement of support, after proper preparation.
In particularly humid environments, you can mix with specific antimould.


Preparation of support

The Lavelast Siloxane grips on any support as long as the same is not dusty, brittle or presence of grease, oil, etc.
On iron support before applying you should treat with antirust.
On wooden support make sure that it is well dry and dusted.
Plastic support: on the surface a bit rough with sandpaper and dusting.
No dusty, no-absorbent support: clean well whit rag soaked in alcohol or solvent.
On walls it is recommended to apply plaster with Siloxane Fixative, then two coats of Lavelast Siloxane consistently stretched to form a continuous film.


Vertical waterproofing (plastered surfaces or coated)

After properly prepared with the Murisol K or Fixative Siloxane, spread two coats of Lavelast Siloxane 24 hours apart from each other. The first coat dilute with 10% water, and the second with the 5% water. The best finish is achieved with long-haired roller or brush. It forms a smooth or slightly wavy with very light skin. Average consumption 0.5 kg/m2. You will get a smooth and shiny-satin. Do not apply the Lavelast Siloxane on damp or wet products, nor with temperatures +0 °C.
Store the product cool, but protected from frost. If the facade there are crackles or cracks, you should open the crack, caulk with adhesive and apply a coat of Lavelast Siloxane F3 fabric width 10 cm.


Technical data

  • viscosity: 20,000 centipois to +20 °C
  • specific weight: 1.25 kg/l
  • nature of binder: acrylic siloxane emulsion
  • appearance: satin
  • colour: as per sample
  • drying: touch 3 hours, 36 hours in depth
  • resistance in salt room: 360 hours, as well as remarkable
  • resistance to alkalis: no structural or chromatic variation
  • yield: variable depending on the use in horizontal or vertical

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