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Intonaco Elastomerico Fibrato

Elastomeric Line

Elastic coating rustic.



Fibrato Elastomeric Plaster is a finishing coating paste, composed of special acrylic binders with high water repellency very precious quartz sands dyes, light-resistant and chemical additives to improve workability and adhesion.
The nature of the raw materials used and the addition of mineral fibers allow for a greater mechanical strength



  • Specific weight: 1.650 kg/l approx.
  • Dilution: ready to use
  • Available in the following grain size: 0.6, 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 mm



  • 0.6 mm grain size:
    • ca. 2.5-2.7 kg/m2 (two layers) on fine plaster, adhesives such as powder and paste
    • ca. 3.0-3.2 kg/m2 (two layers) on a foundation plaster big
  • 1 mm grain size:
    • ca. 1.5-1.7 kg/m2 of adhesives such as pulp powder
    • ca. 1.8-2.0 kg/m2 on plaster base
  • 1.2 mm grain size:
    • ca. 2.0-2.2 kg/m2 on adhesives such as pulp powder
    • ca. 2.3-2.5 kg/m2 on plaster base coarse
  • 1.5 mm grain size:
    • ca. 2.3-2.5 kg/m2 on adhesives such as pulp powder
    • ca. 2.5-2.7 kg/m2 on plaster base coarse
  • 2.0 mm grain size:
    • ca. 2.8-3.0 kg/m2
    • ca. 3.0-3.2 kg/m2

    With this size the name of the product is Scratched.
    To get a surface finish, rustic effect.



  • It preserves the color and resists chalking for 600 hours.
  • UV-condensation (ISO 7724 and ASTIM D-659).
  • to water vapor diffusion (DIN 53122): 23-55 g/m2 in 24 hours depending on the grain.
  • Resistance factor to vapor diffusion: μ = 300-400 depending on the grain.
  • Equivalent layer of air (DIN18550): Sd = 0.4-0.9 m depending on the grain.
  • Coefficient of water absorption (DIN 52617): w = 0.058-0.100 kg / (m2 • h1/2) depending on the grain – Sd • w = <0,090 kg / (m • h1/2) applies to all grain sizes.
  • Respect the theory Kuenzle (DIN 18550).



Fibrato Elastomeric Plaster is used as a protective coating on surfaces with crackles, decorative exterior based on lime-cement.


Preparation of the base

The finish coat should be applied after at least 28 days from the execution of the plaster base.
The surface to be coated must be free from dust and dirt. Any traces of oils, fats, waxes, etc… must first be removed.
Powdery or particularly absorbent substrates must be treated with an insulating base, our ISOEDIL-A, diluted about 1:5 ratio with water.
It’s advisable to dilute ISOEDIL-A with Lavedil-SQ when the surface to be covered has very different levels of absorption (driving range, quadrature of doors and windows, etc..) Or if you want to lengthen the working time.
For the application of Fibrato Elastomeric Plaster the plaster base must be well finished.
In the case of application of the coating on surfaces very smooth, non-porous, sliding and poorly absorbent,it’s recommended, in place of Isoedil-A, the application of a coat of Fondo Ruvido Fibrato.



Apply to the surface with a metal spatula, taking care to distribute a uniform layer of material.
The finish is to keep a plastic spatula in a circular motion.
For the application of the product in fine particle size 0.6 mm. 2 layers of material are needed. The second coat should be applied when the first is completely dry.



  • Collect the necessary materials for every job, from the same batch.
  • Apply only on dry and weathered plaster.
  • Avoid application on walls in full sun and strong winds.
  • Avoid application during the coldest periods of the year and humid; a temperature of +5 ° C is to be considered as a minimum value for the laying and drying of the material.
  • After application, the surface must be protected from rain for at least 48 hours.
  • Avoid application of the material on one side at different times.

Fibrato Elastomeric Plaster be used in its original condition without the addition of other materials.



  • Tin of 25 kg.
  • Colours: see color chart.



Keep from freezing.
The Stored in a suitable place in its original box, has a duration of 1 year.



Fibrato Elastomeric Plaster undergoes accurate and constant checking in our laboratories.
The raw materials are rigorously selected and controlled.

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