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Elast Siloxan

Elastomeric Line

The Elast Siloxan is a water based ready to use paste based on special acrylic-siloxane resin and fine fillers.

The product spreads like a traditional painting, when it is dry form a continuous film very tough and elastic and well clinging to the support, allowing a high water repellency and water vapor diffusion. Is used as a decorative painting-protective in all those cases where there may be cracks, such as microcracks.


Preparation of support

The Elast Siloxan grips in any support, provided the latter is not dusty, crumbly or the presence of grease, oil, etc…
Support in plastic: make the surface a bit ‘rough using sandpaper and remove dust.
In non-dusty, non-absorbent , clean thoroughly with a cloth moistened with alcohol or solvent.
On the walls with plaster is advisable to apply Siloxan Fixative and then two coats of Elast Siloxan spread in a consistent way to form a continuous film and durable.



On plastered surfaces, or coated, after properly prepared the support, apply two coats of Elast Siloxan after 24 hours apart. Dilute the first coat with 10% water, and the second with a 5% water. The best finish is obtained by roller or brush. It forms a smooth, satin-gloss, or slightly wavy with very light skin. The average consumption is 0.3-0.5 kg/m2 (Varies depending on the support). Do not apply Elast Siloxan at temperatures below +0 °C.



Keep from freezing.
The material if stored in a suitable place in the original packaging, has a duration of one year.



Elast Siloxan is subjected to a continuous and accurate control.
The raw materials are rigorously selected and controlled.

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