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Velatura dei Dogi

Decorative Line

Velatura dei Dogi is the main product for obtaining charming and ancient decorative finishing. Usually we sell it in white but also in any other color on demand.
Velatura dei Dogi is used to obtain finished products that will have customized features according to the application and handling.
The product is formed of water; it resists to washing, impact and abrasion. It is antistatic and resists to detergents, light and atmospheric agents.



  • Specific weight: 1.000-1.080 kg/l, according to the color
  • Viscosity: 11,000 +/- 5,000 cps
  • Binder: acrylic copolimer
  • Filming temperature: +6 °C
  • Application temperature: higher than 8-10 °C
  • Storage: temperature needs to be between +5 °C and +40 °C
  • Dilution: with clean water. Do not dilute the product
  • Result: according to the desired finishing level
  • Tools cleaning: use water
  • Drying: dry to the touch; shifting temperature between +20 °C 3 +23 °C and relative humidity 50%, in about 8-10 hours. For perfect drying, wait about 5-10 days according to environmental conditions.



Velatura dei Dogi is normally used as foundation to be added to coloring toners to obtain the ending decorative product. With Velatura dei Dogi you obtain slightly different finishing compared to the other ways of application, and the coloring can be made with colored toners or tint metric pastes. The directions may not be considered exhaustive since the application ways are many and variable according to costumers’ taste. We suggest to make a first testing application.



The product’s stability reaches a 12-month period only if kept in the original package locked and with a temperature between +5 °C and +40 °C.
We always suggest a first testing application.


The reported data refer to laboratory tests: during practical applications in building sites these can be slightly modified according to the conditions of any installation.
The person who works with the product must verify the expected suitability of use of the product, taking upon himself.
The company Colorificio Veneziano s.r.l. may carry out technical alterations on products without notice.
July 2008 Edition.

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