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El Fero

Decorative Line

Decorative finishing effect usable indoor and outdoor



El Fero is a decorative product water dilutable composed from a fund, El Fero and an oxidant and antiquing finishing, EL FERO ATTIVATORE.

Applying EL FERO ATTIVATORE on El Fero, id possible made the natural effect of the rust, as it would be appeared an iron surface under the atmospheric agent.



With the appropriate precautions, is possible use El Fero on:

  • Old synthetic or mineral paint
  • Old plasters in lime or plaster
  • Civil plasters
  • New plaster with civil finishing
  • Plasterboard surfaces

It is not advisable to apply this type of finish over fresh mineral surfaces, as it may compromise the process of oxidation of the liquid activator. No apply in presence of humidity.


Base preparation

Clean the surface form powder or other impurity. If the surface present mold, pre-treat with a suitable liquid algaecide, called Detergente Antimuffa, eliminate any paintings in phase of detachment. When the surface is completely clean, apply the primer Fondo Ruvido, to make the surface uniform without differences in absorption.


Technical features

Product aspect paste liquid
Dilution 5%-10% with water ready to use
Application roller or brush sponge roller, brush, sponge or spray
Yields 4-9 m2/kg 8/14 m2/lt

(Yields can changes depending on the support and the final effect you want to obtain)


Product application

When the surface will be completely dry, proceed with the application of El Fero and then, when the material will be perfectly dry apply a coat of EL FERO ATTIVATORE, and a second hand in the necessary quantity to obtain the effect desired, more activator is applied, more intense will be the effect of oxidation.


Protection for the outside surfaces




Not Colorable



  • EL FERO: 1 kg, 5 kg, 15 kg



It is advisable to complete each work with materials from the same batch production the material can be applied and stored at temperatures between +5 °C and +35 °C. If stored in the original container has a term of one year. At the end of the application properly clean the tools with water.


The data are based on laboratory tests in practical applications on site it may differ according to the conditions of implementation.

The user must still verify the suitability of the product for the intended application, taking all responsibility for its use.

The company Colorificio Veneziano LTD It reserves the right to alter technical specifications without prior notice.


Edition 05/2014

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