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Cera Krok

Decorative Line


Information on the ingredients

Denomination Concentration (C) Classification
White spirit
N° Cas 64742-48-9
15 ≤= C < 30% R10
Xn R65
N° Cas 100-37-8
N° CE 202-845-2
N° Index 603-048-00-6
1 ≤ C < 2% R10
C R34
Xn R20/21/22
Xi R37


Physical and chemical properties

  • Color: neutral/colored
  • Physical status: creamy and fluid
  • Solubility: soluble in water
  • Viscosity: 40 cps
  • Vapor density: n.a.
  • Evaporation speed: n.a.
  • Combustive agents property: n.a.
  • Coefficient of partition: n.a.
  • pH: n.a.
  • Boiling point: n.a.
  • Flashpoint higher than +61 °C
  • Explosion properties: n.a.
  • Vapor tension: n.a.
  • Specific weight: 0.940 kg/l
  • Voc: 26.10%- 245.34 g/liter of product
  • Voc (volatile carbon): 20.94%- 196.87 g/liter of product

Cera Krok must be used at its original status.



  • Vases: 20 liters, 5 liters, 1 liter



Avoid the preservation in very cold places. Preserve at temperatures higher than +5 °C and lower than +30 °C. If stocked in proper places and inside its vase it lasts 1 year.



Cera Krok is constantly and properly checked in our laboratories. The raw materials used are strictly selected and checked.


The reported data refer to laboratory tests: during practical applications in building sites these can be slightly modified according to the conditions of any installation.
The person who works with the product must verify the expected suitability of use of the product, taking upon himself.
The company Colorificio Veneziano s.r.l. may carry out technical alterations on products without notice.

July 2008 Edition.

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