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Velatura coating

Velatura coating by Colorificio Veneziano is a product that binds together a high decoration effect with the wise hand of the professional.

If we pass one or two layers of Velatura coating upon a dull or a white background, we can obtain several effects making the wall more fascinating and creating those coatings and shadings that only the passing of time can do. It is a finishing that allows the decoration of smooth finishing plasters or trimmed with stucco plasters, both inside and outside the house. The transparencies of coats can be enhanced by the skilled and able hands of professionals through any kind of technique: by brush, paint roller, sponge, paper, cloth, blotter, buff, by one or more hands in order to exalt the depth of the color.

In all the versions the aesthetic effect remains the same, but the characteristics of perspirability change.

Velatura coating by Colorificio Veneziano is available in the following versions:

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