Colorificio Veneziano

the Art of Paint

Velatura dei Dogi

Beacuse of its warm nuances of colors that remind us of ancient styles full of charm and uniqueness, Velatura dei Dogi is a high decoration finishing, excellent to give style and suggestion to every room or space.

Velatura dei Dogi is able to embellish, give personality and elegance to the house, as well as uniqueness and fantasy through the use of color.

The surfaces which are decorated with Velatura dei Dogi turn out to be transpiring and, if we wait for about 30 days after the coating, the surfaces are ready and resistant for a soft wash.

We apply Velatura dei Dogi with the use of a brush trying to give some irregular movements and forms to the paint in order to create a sort of spatulation (tooling) and trying to lay on the material in the most smooth way.

After a period of wilting that can vary according to the support and weather, we can compact the surface with the use of  a round bordered plastic spatula.

Velatura dei Dogi combines the safe and excellent chromatic effects and results to the simplicity of any performance.

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