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Grassello 600

Throughout history Lime Grassello had a fundamental importance for the finishing of ancient buildings making them precious and giving them the right protection for plasters and walls.
Colorificio Veneziano has been able to create a product that keeps the features of ancient lime finishing but, at the same time, has also been able to meet the modern needs of building sites.
The Grassello used as row material is a slaked lime that has been seasoned for a long period and we can obtain it from firing selected calcareous stones.
These stones, in order to become aero “binders” during the mixtures, as first step need to be fired in a peculiar way inside special ovens and then must be turned off.
The firing process lasts for about 20 hours at a temperature of 900 degrees Celsius (1,652 Fahrenheit). During this process (also called decarbonation), stones release their water and carbon dioxide. Decarbonation allows the stone to pass from calcium carbonate to calcium oxide, that is to say quick lime.
The obtained quick lime is then turned off by dipping it into fresh water. During this process called hydration, we have an exothermic reaction, to be more precise we have a wide heat emission. We have then the passage from calcium oxide to calcium hydrate. This reaction is very long in order to form crystals with proper binding features.
Grassello 600 has a drying time that depends on how much humidity there is in the air and during this time it must be molded and shaped with a spatula in order to obtain a smooth and shiny surface.
The hardening of Grassello 600 is a natural process called carbonation and consists in the slow absorption of carbon dioxide present in the air.
The absorption of carbon dioxide will lead, with time, to the passage from calcium hydrate to calcium carbonate, that’s to say the same matter of which the initial stone was made of.
Since the cycle for the production of Grassello 600 turns out to be a closed cycle, we can consider Grassello 600 a totally natural material.
For all these reasons and “privileges” Grassello 600 meets great approvals in the bio housing sector.

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